Which DSLR Camera is good for me, Nikon or Canon?

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Should I buy canon or Nikon? It is a common question for those who are planning to buy thier 1st DSLR.

There is no real answer to this question because both brands make excellent cameras and none is superior to the other. A better question  to ask is how the camera is going to suit your requirements & budget & taste.

Comparing Canon & Nikon is like comparing a Ferarri & a Lamborghini. Can you tell which one is better? No way… Both have made their way in the market and have come a long way delivering well beyond expectations, so none of them is going to disappoint you if you choose one over the other.

So my friends, stop worrying about them and choose one.Nikon, Canon Both are the best ever brands & camera manufacturers in the market.

I being a Canon DSLR user & the founder of this site “Samseen” being a Nikon user, none of us have ever had a chance to put one over the other & we both enjoy the capabilities both brands offer..

After all what matters is both of them are Awesome DSLR makers



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