Photoshop or Elements or Lightroom?

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What is the best software for me ? Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements or Adobe Lightroom?

Well the answer is a combination of  your requirements.

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the best and most advanced Photo editing software available on the planet. Why shouldn’t I use it then?

If you’re into extreme graphics content creation then None of the options we’re discussing here will equal the capabilities of Photoshop. But if you’re not going to make use of most of them, whats the use of having them?

Adobe Lightroom

Though Photoshop was meant to help the photographers to a great extent, most of them found it too complicated to use. Adobe found out that most of the photographers who actually required the Photo enhancing capabilities that Photoshop had,  found it hard to use them. So Adobe decided to create a Photographer friendly software that will look after all the needs of photographers including image management, enhancing, editing etc…

They created Lightroom, that had simple to use features a photographer needed. The result was Adobe Lightroom. The best friend of a photographer

Adobe Photoshop Elements

Adobe Labs figured out the existence of a gap between Lightroom & Photoshop.  So came Elements,  a simplified version of Photoshop, that makes tools easier to use for a photographer..

So which one do you choose?

you decide.


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