FIX: Blackberry OS 10 Stuck after security- wipe

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This fix is for those who have encounter the following screen after doing a security wipe. Some devices might get stuck at a screen where it shows only a black & white symbol and stays that way forever(it seams 😉 ).

Please Follow the below steps very carefully,

This requires you have a a Windows PC computer.

  1. Disconnect the BlackBerry 10 device from the Computer.
  2. Turn off your BlackBerry Link Software and turn off the BlackBerry Desktop Software on the PC.
  3. Open your Internet Explorer and navigate to www.BlackBerry.com/updates, Down the webpage , select the “Check for Updates” link.
    • Go to this link if the above link does not work
    • http://us.blackberry.com/software/smartphones/update/blackberry10-os.html
  4. Connect your BlackBerry 10 device which is bricked.
  5. Press and hold the top edge power button for 10 seconds on the BlackBerry 10 device until it is complete off, and then turn it back on by pressing the the power button again.
  6. You will see a prompt appear and the BlackBerry smartphone will appear in a dropdown list, just after the LED turns red. You should see “USB: UNKNOWN or USB: BlackBerry (PIN)
  7. Click on the OK Button as soon as possible, when you see that.
  8. After these steps have been completed, there will be displayed a message: “Checking for BlackBerry Device Software updates. The BlackBerry 10 smartphone will now power itself off after 120 seconds.”
  9. After that, the BlackBerry 10 devices LED is supposed to be lit in green.
  10. Wait until you see the LED turn to green. And then, there will be a prompt to install BlackBerry Device Software.
  11. Then follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation process of the Operating System Upgrade.

The device will reboot after this process is completed and it should work fine.

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  1. Sir,
    After security wipe of my BB z10 screen did’t start.
    There is nothing on the screen only red light blink when i power on the devive.
    I already done the software update with blackberry link.
    And when all the process complete than also no screen turn on, after reboot.
    Please help.

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