Fast and Easy – One click way to Root any Android Smartphone

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This is the most easy and successful method that available to root or unroot most smartphones including the chines phones. This root tool is created by a chines company called Mgyun. Here I have given the link to the English version of the application.


You can download the root tool on the below link.

(Please note that this software in not made by anyone related to KathaBuzz.com, and the makers of this tool, are not sponsoring me to write this article. Please use this tool at your own risk)

  • Turn on the USB debugging mode on your device.
  • Connect your phone to the computer via the USB Cable.
  • Then click the button “root”.
  • And now just wait for the root result.


You can verify your device is rooted using any root checker application on Google Play Store.


I have only tested this application on few models of Android smartphones.

Please share your device model if this was successful on your device

You can download Android USB drivers from the below link if needed.
Android USB Drives


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