How to enable Google Now

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I have had this issue since I’m from Sri Lanka( or may be my phone is not a Nexus), Any way I have figured out how to ENABLE Google Now for my phone. So this is how I did it, so if anyone’s Google Now is disabled and if you wanna enable it back, try this and let me know how it went.

  1. Un-install the existing Google Search application from your phone.
  2. Now install the one I have attached here in the end of this article.
  3. Now, straight away open the freshly installed app and proceed with the Google Now actiovation process.
  4. Please not that do NOT update the application untill your Google Now is activated
  5. You can update the app once you complete the Google Now activation process (once you click the “I’m in” button)

Download links,
http://goo.gl/MgvmHM or http://goo.gl/OmkXwP


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