Ceylon Electricity Board

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Ceylon Electricity Board, which is commonly known as the CEB, was established by the Ceylon Electricity Board act in 1969 under the Ministry of Irrigation and Power. Later on, the CEB was transferred to the Ministry of energy and power. Currently this institute is governed by the Ceylon Electricity Board act 1969 and Sri Lanka Electricity act 2009. The CEB has divided into three divisions; Generation, transmission and Distribution. Currently, the license for generation and distribution are issued for IPPs as well as the CEB and CEB is the only one who is having the license for transmission.


Be an internationally recognized efficient utility providing high quality service to all its stakeholders.
To provide reliable quality electricity to the entire nation at internationally competitive prices effectively and efficiently through a meaningful partnership with skilled and motivated employees using appropriate state-of-the-art technology for the socio economic development of the country in an economically sustainable manner while meeting acceptable environment standards
Exams & Results
Exams and Vacancies will be announced via the Gazette and you can check the results by calling the CEB Training center (piliyandala)


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