Best Battery cases for Google Nexus 5 (LG)

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Everyone must accept that the Google Nexus 5 out of the box is a good device with grate battery life for average usage. But for extreme users like us we need a few hours more of battery life and we have the solution here, the Battery case for the rescue.

Lets see 4 of the best case that we can find on the internet,


  1. ZeroShock Rugged Black Battery Case + Removable 3500mAh Battery Pack
    ZeroLemon » Product Categories » Nexus 5
    Power Output: 1A – Enough electrical current to power through your phone while conserving original battery longevity

  2. i-Blason – PowerGlider Rechargeable External Battery 2,500mAh…e-nexus-5.html
    Capacity: 2,500mAh = 1 full charge of Nexus 5 internal battery, Input: 5V/800mA, Output: 5V/500mA

  3. Mugen Power – 3000mAh Battery Case for LG Nexus 5 [CC-Nexus5]…g-nexus-5.html

  4. Limefuel – Black L28N5 2860mAh Google Nexus 5…rotection-case
    Output: 5V/2A

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