Useful Android Terminal (ADB Shell) Commands

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To root your Android Device and install custom ROM on your device and install applications, you might requires some android terminal command or ADB (Android Debug Bridge) shell command knowledge. Here are some basic android commands that are being used on Android platform frequently and that every android user must know.

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Basic Android Terminal and ADB Shell Command List

1. How to open a cmd in Android Phone

Method 1: “Start” – “”Program”-” “Accessories” – “” Command Prompt ”
Method 2: “Start” – “” Run “, type cmd ENTER

adb shell

Android Shell - KathaBuzz
2. How to restart Android Phone
When the phone and Computer is connected to the data cable, you can enter the following

 adb shell reboot

3. Restart Android into Recovery Mode
With the data cable connected to your phone and computer, enter the following command

adb shell reboot recovery

4. Convert back to ext2 partition
Restart the phone into Recovery mode, press “Alt + X” into the console. Open cmd and
enter the following command

	adb shell <== ENTER
	tune2fs-O ^ has_journal / dev/block/mmcblk0p2 <== carriage return
	e2fsck / dev/block/mmcblk0p2 <==carriage return (optional, can be aproblem area in section 2, when used)

5. Pulling applications from Android phone to computer

	adb pull /system/sd/app app
	adb pull /system/sd/app-private appprivate

6. Pushing applications back to android phone from the computer

	adb push app /system/sd/app
	adb push app-private /system/sd/appprivate

7. Delete existing apps on Android SD

	adb shell rm -r /system/sd/app
	adb shell rm -r /system/sd/appprivate

8. Repair gravity System or switch to screen
Sometimes frequent brushing of phone can cause gravity system or switch to screen
failure. Just follow the steps belowRestart the phone into Recovery mode, press “Alt + X” into the console
Open cmd and enter the following command

mount / data

9. Ext2/ext3/ext4 formatted partition
Enter the following command in the cmd

adb remount

10. Remove/ system / app under the application
Under normal circumstances / system / app is not under an application. Use the following
methods to remove these applications.
Open cmd and enter the following command

adb remount

11. If the start Time is too Long
Just enter the following command in order to view the boot process.

adb logcat

12. Through Terminal Partition SD card
It will erase everything on your SD card

	$ su
	# cd /data
	# wget
	# chmod 555 sdsplit
	# /data/sdsplit -fs *size* (add -nc to the end for JFv1.5ADP)

13. From the Recovery Screen, send an update file to your SD card.

	adb shell mount /sdcard
	adb shell rm /sdcard/update.zip
	adb push *filename* /sdcard/update.zip

14. Restoring a nandroid backup via Fastboot
Start command-prompt/terminal cd to the nandroid folder and enter following commands

	fastboot erase boot
	fastboot erase recovery
	fastboot flash system system.img
	fastboot flash boot boot.img
	fastboot flash userdata data.img
	fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
	fastboot reboot

15. Clear Search History in Android
Search History is accounted for Mobile Memory. It can also leak your privacy information as
well. Just follow the steps below to clear android history.
Steps are as follows:

Make sure your mobile phone has Root authority.
Open the super-terminal.
Enter the following command

	rm / data / data /com.android.vending / databases /suggestions.db

Exit Hyper Terminal and restart the phone.

dab reboot oem-78
when permission denied
# mount -o remount,rw /system
mount -o remount,rw /system
# rm /system/app/com.wsandroid.apk
rm /system/app/com.wsandroid.apk

Changing Font

#su (wait for the superuser screen, and press "yes")
#mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
#chmod 4755 /system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf
#dd if=/sdcard/DroidSansFallback.ttf of=/system/fonts/DroidSansFallback.ttf

To exit the terminal on your android device:


just type exit and press enter.

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  1. hi samera , i would ask to you .. my sd caed is damaged .. and now my android cant read that sdcard .. it said “mount a sdcard” can i fix it with android teminal emulator? like at pc . with cmd

    • I don’t think most of the required tools will be available on the android Linux kernel. Best way is to put your card in to a card reader and get it fixed from the PC.

  2. I managed to root the i43. Now I’m unable to access fastboot mode. I’m trying to unlock the bootloader using the Nexus method (OEM UNLOCK) but in order to do that, I need to get into fastboot mode. Any idea about the key combination? I tried my best but I just couldn’t get to fastboot. If I can get into it, I will try my best to unlock the bootloader and install a custom recovery. That way, we don’t have to worry about installing bad ROMs, because we can always restore Nandroid backups. Thanks in advance.

    With Regards,
    Lakshan De Almeida

  3. hi Sameera,

    i need to connect dialog i43 via adb ? Is there a driver to do this? (Actually what i need to do is connect the device to ecplise so i can test apps directly on the phone without using the ecplise emulator)

  4. Sameera,

    I had got some issue on my dialog i43 then I took to a dialog arcade and at that time a tech person booted it in to the recovery ( more like xrecovery) please reply if you know how to do that !

  5. Do u know how to make device memory (Internal) accessible through adb as I am getting Insufficient-Storage error while downloading apps.


  6. Thanks. I was looking for view partition but this was good also. Thanks for sharing. Peace. 😈

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